About Space Game
A grandiose crypto-project
dedicated to cycle 2024.

$SPACEG is a fantastic Space Game project token that will help investors and holders become part of a great project and ecosystem.

Buy and hold $SPACEG, in the near future, it will give you the rights to buy the NFT project. To do so, you only need to be a holder of 1,000,000,000 tokens, out of a total issue of 1,000,000,000 tokens (1/1000).

In turn, NFT holders will be offered the right to join a blockchain game dedicated to poker and other mind games, the games will take place in space and various planets outside of Earth's orbit.

It looks really cosmic, because the heroes who will promote the game will be our favorite Doge, Floki, Pepe and even Homer Simpson.

Together with our favorite characters, we'll go to space in a spaceship and maybe one day, the famous rocket scientist Elon Musk will play the game with us!

Binance Smart Chain
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The tokenomics of the project provides for the following distribution of $SPACEG

Project community - 59%
Investment angels - 4%
Marketing - 6%
DEX pool (liquidity provision) - 20%
Team - 4%
Lost tokens - 7% (yes, 7% of tokens went to black holes and were split into molecules and atoms).

Road map
jule, 2023
jule, 2023
Marketing events and preseil
  • Website Launch
  • Launch of social networks and media platforms
  • Token launch
  • Liquidity delivery
  • Start of trading
september, 2023
september, 2023
Preparing and minting the NFT collection
  • Preparing the NFT collection
  • Mint NFT collection
october-december, 2023
october-december, 2023
Increasing media weight
Attracting advisors, sponsors, celebrities, and advertisers
april, 2024
april, 2024
Start game
The game begins immediately
Launching a gaming platform for all NFT holders
june, 2024
june, 2024
Metaverse Space Game
Take full advantage of the Space Game universe
  • Launch of the Metaverse and other Space Game infrastructure
  • Launch of the Meta-church, to make donations to the needy, with winnings in the game
Rules of the game
What do we need to make the rocket take off?

Our rocket can go into space, but the necessary condition is an abundance of fuel and a team. The team is our good community, and the fuel in the world of cryptocurrencies is the loyalty of investors and holders. All our plans can be realized, provided that we are supported by the community, the project is liked by users and there is an intention to be with us throughout the development and prosperity of the project.

Subscribe to our social networks, follow the development of the project, and most importantly, keep $SPACEG, because only this will help us to continue to develop the project.

How to buy?
Use these simple instructions to buy a token
Install MetaMask
Set up a convenient and secure MetaMask wallet to buy a token
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Space Game uses a blockchain Binance Smart Chain, so in order to become an investor and a holder of $SPACEG you need to buy BNB, to later exchange them for tokens of our project
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Use the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange to exchange BNB tokens for SPACEG tokens
Ilma Onsk
Founder and Technical Director
Ilma Onsk is the founder of the project. Mr. Onsk is a crypto-enthusiast, a BTC holder and a participant in a wide variety of crypto projects.
Ilma Onsk has the most impressive collection of NFTs, including those from Bored Ape Yacht Club, Moonbirds, CloneX and other collections.

A total of 9 people are involved in the project team, who wished to remain anonymous.
Dear friends, By holding tokens you discover an opportunity that can make you rich. Our project has an extensive marketing plan, the support of influential industry leaders and plans ahead.
Use the tokens you hold as a way to buy NFT and join the gaming table. Place your bets and donations, enjoy the game, be abundant and help those in need!

We wish you the best of luck!
- Ilma Onsk, Founder